For a limited time, I'm offering custom pet portrait paintings at an introductory rate of $250. Shipping is free in the US.


These portraits make wonderful surprise gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays. Or maybe it's something you'd like to purchase for yourself in order to celebrate, honor, or remember your pet.


The portrait you commission will be completed in color in oil paints on a 12" x 12" linen panel. One of the things I love about these archival linen panels is that they don't need to be framed: simply place the panel, which is quite sturdy, on a table or shelf. Another display option would be to purchase a small tabletop display easel. And, of course, if you'd like to frame the painting, please do--just remember to remove the glass from the frame. Oil paintings should never be behind glass because they need to breathe.



What I'll need from you after you've placed your order:


1) Please e-mail as many photos as possible of your pet (maximum of two pets per painting) to

Phones are quite capable of taking decent photos these days, so the images needn't be from a digital camera--though digital camera photos are most welcome. I prefer images in which the animal's head is at a slight angle instead of straight on because I find it more aesthetically pleasing. Ultimately, though, it's up to you. Please make sure that the photos aren't blurry and that they clearly portray the animal. Pick photos that really capture your pet's personality and physical features.


2) Think of a natural motif that you think would pair well with your pet and then add it into the custom text field above.

Some examples could be leaves, flowers (perhaps your state's flower), pine cones, feathers, acorns, stars, the sun, the moon, etc. This natural motif might have some significance to you, or it might simply be something that you like, which might coincide with the rest of your decor. Either way, this natural motif brings color and a sense of fun to your custom painting. From an artistic standpoint, it helps to anchor your pet in an environment, giving it something to relate to in the picture frame.


What you'll receive from me after your email is sent:


1) After I go through your photos, I'll select the ones that I think would work best as a painting. From there, I'll create a rough sketch of what I anticipate the painting will look like. I'll email you (by replying to your original email, the one with the attached photos) the sketch, and you can tell me whether you'd like any adjustments made. Once you confirm the layout, I'll paint your pet's portrait. Please allow 1-3 weeks for completion of the painting and for shipping; this gives me time to paint the portrait and time for the paint to dry prior to packing and shipping. If you'd like your portrait sooner, let me know and I can add rush shipping for an additional fee.

And that's the entire process! I trust it'll be enjoyable for us both, and I'm looking forward to painting your (or someone else's!) furever friend :). 

Custom Pet Portrait: 12x12 Oil Painting In Color

  • I do not accept returns or exchanges on commissioned work. All sales are final, so please order mindfully.